校友会在每年秋天的聚会上颁发三个校友奖:杰出校友奖, 托马斯·肖奖, 以及狮子骄傲奖. 这些奖项的目的是表彰个人和班级为圣. 安德鲁及其他. 


杰出校友奖 recognizes a St. 安德鲁的 Episcopal School alumnus/a who has demonstrated unique or significant accomplishments through professional achievement or social impact.

2022年冠军:Fikile Brushett '02

Fikile Brushett ' 02是麻省理工学院化学工程副教授, where he leads a research program focused on advancing the science and engineering of electro-chemical technologies. Because of his work as a researcher in trying to solve some of the world’s energy problems and preparing scientists of the future as an educator, Brushett is this year's recipient of St. 安德鲁的 Distinguished 校友 Award. 点击这里 阅读更多.



  • 2021年:惠特尼·卡明斯

    Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian, 作家, 生产商, 和导演, 他的作品包括Netflix的四部电视喜剧特辑, HBO, 及喜剧中心. 她是三部电视情景喜剧的执行制片人,包括《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》和《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》.” She has a memoir entitled “I'm Fine...And Other Lies,” and her original podcast “Good For You.惠特尼目前正在全国巡演中表演单口相声.
  • 2019年:阿黛尔·沃格曼94年

    Throughout her career in international development, 1994年的阿黛尔·沃格曼在系统转型中发挥了核心作用, from the formation of the International Criminal Court to the United States Agency for International Development’s forthcoming guidance for investing in digital health technologies in developing nations.
    她在美国国际开发署全球健康创新与影响中心担任数字健康高级顾问, Waugaman is bridging the gap between technology and development to better serve health systems and health workers across the globe.
    “我在这个职位上学到的很多东西是,你必须了解人们的现状,”她说。. “You have to talk to them about how they are trying to overcome the entrenched global health challenges where they work. 你必须倾听他们的痛点,理解他们想要实现的目标.”
    Waugaman will receive the Distinguished 校友 Award Oct. 19 during the 团聚 Celebration Brunch. 该奖项旨在表彰圣. 安德鲁的 alumnus/a who has demonstrated unique or significant accomplishments through professional achievement or social impact.
    沃格曼只在圣. 安德鲁的 for two years, but they were eventful ones. The summer after her junior year, Waugaman went on a school-led trip to Honduras, where she stayed with a host family, 练习西班牙语, 和志愿. 这是她第一次来到发展中国家,这段经历激励她去看更多的世界.
    “It was absolutely mind-opening,” Waugaman said. “That experience helped give me the confidence and inspired me to take on an experience in college where I studied at an historically non-white university in newly post-apartheid South Africa.”
    Waugaman was part of the first group of students to participate in a direct exchange program between Bard College and the University of the Western Cape, 开普敦附近. 纳尔逊·曼德拉当选后不久,她在南非待了一个学期. Waugaman was struck by the “incredible spirit of student activism” and inspired by the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 一项类似法庭的恢复性司法倡议,旨在让种族隔离的受害者发表意见.  
    “I came back to the States and I felt like something was wrong. 几个月后,我才意识到这次经历改变了我。. “I am not the same person who I was before this experience.”  
    After graduating from Bard College in 1998, 沃格曼以发展和外联助理的身份加入人权观察. She briefly worked on strategic communications for technology start-ups before returning to human rights work in 2001, 当时她成为国际刑事法院联盟的媒体联络员. 在这个角色中, 她参与了一项运动,通过通信加速建立国际刑事法院, 倡导和能力建设战略促使各国批准创立该法院的条约.
    “足够多的政府说,‘好吧,让菠菜网最稳定正规平台这样做,’”沃格曼说. “It was a really exciting time to be there, 当催化时刻发生,指针移动,事情就改变了.”
    Waugaman went back to school to earn her Master’s in International Affairs (International Law) with the goal of transitioning to programmatic work. 在担任了两年联合国基金会的通讯主任之后 & Vodafone Foundation Technology Partnership, the partnership’s senior director position opened up; she applied and got the job.
    与沃达丰的合作是她第一次接触技术和发展, setting her up for her role with USAID, 她在哪里制定政策,以指导该机构在卫生部门数字技术方面的投资, 例如在突发卫生事件期间加强信息交流的短信项目.
    “The increasing reach of digital technology has been really transformational because a lot of global health programming is built on health data, 如果没有数字技术,就很难及时获得高质量的健康数据,”她说。.
    “即使在困难和难以到达的环境中,变化正在到来. How can we think about adapting programs we have now, where there is digital connectivity, 如果你所在的领域还没有数字化,你也可以做好准备? That’s part of our forthcoming guidance, making sure we’re partnering with country 政府 to understand and help support their health sector digitization plan.”
    与政府合作, 并努力确保捐助者的投资与国家确定的优先事项和计划保持一致, is a value that Waugaman and others were able to put into writing by creating a set of investment principles to guide how funders, 比如美国国际开发署和德国的GiZ, invest in digital systems in the health sector. To date more than 30 funders have endorsed those principles. She cites this work as one of her proudest accomplishments.
    “The creation of those principles, 这是一个瞬间, when the donors came together and said, “菠菜网最稳定正规平台听到了。, 政府. 菠菜网最稳定正规平台希望以正确的方式做事,这就是菠菜网最稳定正规平台要做的不同之处,”沃格曼说. “Anytime you’re trying to create systemic change, it’s hard. 你要求人们失去一些东西,所以你必须向他们展示好处是什么.”
    For Waugaman, it’s the people she works with, in Washington, D.C.以及世界各地激励她做出改变的人们.
    “我的工作中最令人满意的方面是与我一起工作的人的能力, 看到愿意采用新方法来应对真正困难的挑战, 承诺和毅力的结合,还有灵活性和韧性.”
  • 2018年:88岁的凯蒂·巴塞尔姆

    Katie Barthelme是Omitron的运营工程经理, 她在哪里致力于支持关键的航空航天任务和运营. 在其他任务中, her work has led to successful manned space flights that have returned research that significantly improved our society's understanding of outer space.

    She joined Omitron in 1993 as a technical secretary, but her colleagues saw her potential to work on missions, within two years she was an Operations Director for the Hitchhiker Project at the Goddard Space Flight Center. 在这个职位上,她为17个搭便车者有效载荷提供了模拟和任务操作支持, which carried experiments into outer space via space shuttles, 在10年的时间里.

    She has spent the past 15 years providing senior systems engineering and operations support for a variety of projects, 包括2006年的日地关系观测任务, the 2008 Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope mission, the 2013 Landsat Data Continuity Mission, the 2015 Deep Space Climate Observatory, 以及尚未发射的Restore-L机器人卫星维修任务.

    In 2016 Barthelme received an award from NASA, the Robert H. 戈达德工程杰出成就奖, for her support of the Deep Space Climate Observatory.

    她目前正在从事STPSat-6卫星操作中心(SSOC)的开发工作。, a full-scale satellite control center based in New Mexico.  
  • 2017年:Steven Levenson '02

    史蒂文·利文森(Steven Levenson)获得2017年托尼奖最佳音乐剧奖 亲爱的埃文·汉森.

    他的其他戏剧包括 如果我忘记了The Unavoidable Disappearance Of Tom Durnin核心价值观树木的语言天堂七分钟. 他曾是新星艺术中心的驻馆艺术家,也是Roundabout Leadership Council的成员, 他在Showtime电视台做了三季的编剧和制片人 性爱大师 and is a founding member of Colt Coeur and an alumnus of MCC’s Playwrights Coalition and Ars Nova’s Play Group. 荣誉包括托尼奖, 奥比奖奖, 外部评论圈奖, 戏剧联盟奖, 剧情类提名, 露西尔·洛泰尔提名, 以及海伦·海耶斯奖. 他的戏剧在《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》和《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》上出版. 他毕业于布朗大学,是美国剧作家协会的成员. 和WGA.
  • 2016: 梅丽莎 (Donovan) d'Arabian '86

    梅丽莎, 毕业于乔治城大学(文学硕士)和佛蒙特大学(文学学士)的他是一名名厨, 电视节目主持人, 畅销书作家, 是四个孩子的母亲. 

    她是经济实惠又健康的家庭烹饪专家. 在成为全职妈妈之前,梅丽莎在企业财务和战略方面有着成功的职业生涯. 热衷于分享她久经考验的食谱和省钱策略, 梅丽莎参加了《菠菜网最稳定正规平台》第五季的比赛,并获得了冠军." She soon became well known for "Ten Dollar Dinners" - her popular Food Network show and New York Times bestselling cookbook. 现在有时间, 梅丽莎's highly anticipated second cookbook, “超市健康," proves healthy eating can be easy, 负担得起的, 用附近杂货店的食材就可以做到. 

    Today 梅丽莎 can also be found serving as a regular judge on the hit Food Network primetime series "Guy's Grocery Games;" writing the nationally syndicated weekly "Healthy Plate" column for The Associated Press; and hosting multiple FoodNetwork.包括“挑食计划”和“智能购物车”等." A sought-after expert regularly featured in national media, 梅丽莎分享了她丰富的生活经历和广泛的专业知识,包括食物和烹饪, 省钱策略, 家庭与育儿, 健康的生活方式, 商业与领导力, 信仰, 以及她关心的事业,包括预防自杀和儿童饥饿.


托马斯·肖奖 recognizes someone whose deeds and actions reflect his or her pride in their alma mater and loyalty to the school, as demonstrated through their support of the school, the 校友 Association and its programs.

2022 Winner: The 黑人校友团体

The 黑人校友团体 (BAC) was formed in 2020 during the summer of racial reckoning in the United States. Since then, the BAC has created internships for BIPOC St. 安德鲁的 students and alumni, awarded scholarships to Black St. 安德鲁的毕业生, hosted community-building gatherings like the BAC-2-School Bash, 并组织了两次全国性的社会正义学生黑客马拉松(HackBAC). 点击这里 阅读更多.



  • 2021年:Larissa Levine '06

    Larissa Levine has given back to St. 安德鲁在毕业后的15年里做过每一个志愿者. 她在校友会任职六年,并担任主席两年. 她在组织学校历史上最大的校友聚会中发挥了重要作用. 安德鲁的 40th anniversary celebration. 今年是她在圣. 安德鲁的董事会, she has provided strategic advice and sound governance during a period of great challenge and transformative growth.
  • 2019年:亚历克斯(莎莎)波特纳' 89

    亚历克斯(莎莎)波特,89年, the recipient of the 2019 Thomas Shaw Award, still remembers Gabe Hodziewich’s enthusiasm in science class and the joy of throwing clay in Tracey Goodrich’s ceramics class. Her middle and high school experience motivated her to do more for her alma mater in the 30 years since she graduated.

    “我认为圣. 安德鲁真的给了我一个很好的基础,为学校和生活,”波特纳说. “I have been inspired to go back and stay in touch with (St. 安德鲁的) just to provide the same opportunity for other people.”

    Alex will receive 托马斯·肖奖 Oct. 19 during the 团聚 Celebration Brunch. 托马斯·肖奖 recognizes someone whose deeds and actions reflect his or her pride in their alma mater and loyalty to the school, as demonstrated through their support of the school, the 校友 Association and its programs. 
    波特纳从圣. 安德鲁上七年级了, 他不仅喜欢这里的小学校环境,也对Bradmoor校区的物理规模感到兴奋. “整个感觉很舒服,非常适合我,”她说.
    毕业后, Portner studied at Hood College and the University of 马里兰, 她在那里学习心理学. After an internship at the National Institutes of Health, she returned to school to follow a different passion, 她在乔治华盛顿大学的室内建筑专业获得硕士学位 & 设计方案. 她嫁给了同乡St。. 安德鲁的 alumnus Mark Portner ‘88 and moved to New York, 她在那里为一家办公室设计公司工作直到她有了第一个孩子, 女儿德温.
    While raising her family, Alex has made time to give back to St. 安德鲁的 by volunteering as a class agent and reunion chair. 她已回到圣. 安德鲁的——这次, 到波斯托克校区——在委员会和工作组中提供校友的声音.
    “(马克和我)都有这样一段美好的经历,菠菜网最稳定正规平台都想成为其中的一部分,亚历克斯说. “从菠菜网最稳定正规平台在不同的校园开始,看到它的成长真是太棒了. 孩子们很幸运能在一个令人惊叹的学术空间和一个美丽的空间. 当我回去的时候,我有点嫉妒——我不介意自己回去.”
  • 2018: Michael DiPaula-Coyle '98

    Michael DiPaula-Coyle first volunteered with St. 安德鲁是一名狮子基金志愿者,后来担任了狮子基金的前受奖人联合主委. 他目前是班级代表,并主持了1998届第20届同学聚会. 2010年,他被选为董事会成员,任职两届.
    “这似乎是一种回馈的方式,”迪葆拉-科伊尔在谈到他在董事会的时光时说. “我觉得很充实. 我真的需要更好地了解如何管理一所像圣. 并对领导层每天必须做的事情有所了解.”

    除了校友和董事会的承诺,迪葆拉-科伊尔说,他喜欢分享他的圣. 安德鲁与未来的学生和家长以及指导新校友的经验. “如果你是圣. 在安德鲁商学院,你帮助其他校友开始新的生活。.
    迪保拉-科伊尔就读于圣. 从1992年到1998年,参加了几项活动, including Model UN and the service trip to Honduras, 这增强了他对政治和国际事务的兴趣. He went to the University of St Andrews, Scotland for his undergraduate studies, 当时的国王学院, 在伦敦读硕士.
    研究生毕业后, 迪保拉-科伊尔在进入私营部门之前曾在布什政府任职,并担任演讲稿撰写人, where he now works in international government affairs. Through all these experiences, lessons he learned at St. 安德鲁的眼睛一直跟着他.
  • 2017年:塔米·斯通87年

    Since graduating in 1987, Tammy Stone has supported St. 安德鲁的 in vital volunteer roles. She was a member of the 30th Anniversary Steering Committee and served as an alumni co-chair of the annual fund. She has also volunteered as a class agent, 同学会主席, admissions volunteer and Senior Banquet speaker.

    她的公司, Synergistics, offers full service human resource solutions, 从协助她的客户公司寻找和招聘顶尖人才, 帮助他们创建和管理离职面谈.

  • 2016年:艾琳·赖特-甘地96年

    艾琳, 毕业于美利坚大学(硕士)和乔治城大学(学士), 一直是圣. 安德鲁的董事会 since 2008 serving on the mission statement task force and budget and sustainability task force and the Student Center Campaign Committee. 

    艾琳曾在圣. 安德鲁的 diligently and tirelessly throughout the years sharing her passion for education and the advancement of St. 安德鲁的. 最近, 艾琳参加了战略规划咨询委员会,并接受了校友会主席的角色. 

    艾琳 is currently the Director of Advancement at San Francisco Day School in California and was previously the Director of Development at the Philips Brooks School in Menlo Park, 2011年以来的加州. 艾琳和她的丈夫Koonal和他们的两个女儿Renna(3岁)和Annika(1岁)住在旧金山。.




Congratulations to the class of 1987, this year’s Lions Pride Award winner, 在校友班级杯挑战赛中达到30%的参与率! 一年一度的班级杯比赛是校友们回馈圣何塞大学的一个有趣而友好的方式. 安德鲁的. 今年,从所有同学会校友那里筹集的资金总额接近3万美元! 班级杯奖杯, engraved with the winning class’s name, will be displayed in the Student Center for all to admire!



  • 2021: Class of 1996 and Class of 2005


    1996级潜艇在2020-2021财年的参与率超过20%. Their efforts were led by Paige Shirk.
  • 2018届:1987届

  • 2017届:1996届

     在2016-17财年,1996届学生的参与率达到55%. Their efforts were led by 团聚 chair Paige Shirk.
  • 2016年:1995届毕业生

    在2015-16财政年度,1995届学生的参与率达到了60%,创下了学校的记录. The Class dedicated their support to fellow classmates, 艾琳·福斯特和约翰·格林, 已经去世的人. 他们的努力由留尼旺联合主席亚历克斯·乔治和萨姆·斯皮尔领导.
St. 安德鲁的 Episcopal School is a private, 男女同校的大学预备走读学校,为学前班(2岁)到12年级的学生提供服务, 位于波托马克, 马里兰.